Attack 10 Trailer

Attack 10 is a table top rpg podcast. We use our own self titled game system that makes this podcast and game unique.

What makes us different?

Turns are timed. Everything from how long players can talk to each other as adventurers to interacting with NPCs, all talk is on a time limit.

No predetermined Character choices! The players wake up with no memory of who they are, so they have to make character choices in front of the audience. Chaotic Good? Lawful berry flavored? Neutral yogurt baseball? All that stuff is out the window. The players convince you of who they are live on tape.

Less rules to upgrades. Upgrades are created by negotiation between GM and Player.

Planning. The players are thieves who stake out heists and try to get in and out with the knowledge they have.


This podcast is a created as a collaboration for the Like It Film Fest

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